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Welcome to Mathnastics!

We may not all enjoy math.  For that matter, we don't all like old cheesy kung-fu movies, but unlike kung-fu, all of us will be faced with having to use math many times in our lives.  Having said that, if you have not yet watched a cheesy kung fu movie, you might give it a chance.

Math enables us to analyze, track, predict and understand many complex things in, on and outside of this world.  In and of itself, math is  theoretical and meaningless, but when applied to real world quantities and events, it becomes a powerful tool.

There are many sites that are geared towards fun math and math exercises, and in this respect, it may be a while before we can compete, but we hope to energize and advance those who already enjoy math as well as hopefully provide a connection to those who fear or dislike it.  Above and beyond that, this site will follow and augment Mrs. Oscai's  curriculum  ( the driving force of this site ), making some information very specific to her students, but all are welcome and encouraged to snoop around.  For now if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please direct them to TErickson@Captain-Ty.com.


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